Draft MVP Toolkit

National Maternity Voices has been commissioned by NHSEI to update our MVP Toolkit. In the revised toolkit, we are aiming to summarise existing guidance and to share examples of what is currently working in local MVPs. NHSEI has separately commissioned a review of the function and funding of MVPs which will make recommendations for the future organisation of MVPs and coproduction in maternity. 

The MVP Toolkit Review is being overseen by our multidisciplinary Steering Group, and has involved:

  • an initial process of listening to concerns and inviting suggestions
  • multidisciplinary small group work to understand key issues in more depth
  • a review of the existing guidance and resources relating to MVPs

We now have a draft version of the revised toolkit which will be considered at a Steering Group meeting on 7th March. In the meantime, we would welcome any comments on the draft. 

Sending comments

There are two options for viewing and commenting on the draft document:

  • On this web version, you can add your comments or suggestions at the end of each section. These comments will be available for others to view and will also be sent to National Maternity Voices.  Alternatively, you can send any comments or resources directly to Hannah Lynes, Project Manager for the Toolkit Review, at hannah@nationalmaternityvoices.org.uk.
  • You can download a PDF version of the draft document to read or print:

Download PDF version of MVP Toolkit (PDF, 557kb)

In the final version, we’d like to include links to local MVP resources and documents that can be adapted for use in other areas. If you have examples of any of the following that are working well in your locality, please send them to Hannah. We’d ideally like to include resources from a range of MVPs at different stages of development. We would be interested in any of the following:

  • MVP budget
  • Business case (i.e. to request funding for the MVP)
  • Role descriptions (e.g. MVP chair, vice-chair, other service user roles, clinical rep)
  • Terms of reference
  • Conflict of interest policy
  • New member information pack
  • Online feedback form
  • Annual/multi-year workplan
  • Examples of communication and outreach aimed at widening participation (e.g. outreach to ethnic minority groups or to those living in deprived areas).