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Most useful spreadsheet ever? Excel-based year calendar

I created an Excel year calendar recently. Here's a link to it. It's completely dynamic, allowing you to show the calendar for any year between 1900 and 9999. The only user interaction is to enter the year. The rest of … Continue reading

Using a single column for percentages and currency amounts

This morning I received a slightly quirky requirement. The client had a spreadsheet containing people's salaries—a row per person—and wanted to be able to input either a percentage increase or an uplifted salary, and for a separate column to show … Continue reading

Hiding errors

Challenge: I want to hide error values. Error values are pretty ugly. #N/A, #VALUE, #REF etc. When the eye sees them, it triggers an ever so slight wince. They occur when something's awry: when lookups don't yield any results, when … Continue reading