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Using financials in Mail Merges

Imagine you have a financial figure that you want to use in a mail merge (a salary, bonus, house prices etc.) If you use them as they stand, they'll likely look rubbish. They won't show the currency and there won't … Continue reading

The ROUND function works both sides of the decimal place

Most people who have used the ROUND function will have used it to the right of the decimal place. =ROUND(A1,2) This will round cell A1 to two decimal places. So 3.1415 will become 3.14. And 2.718 will become 2.72. But … Continue reading

Distances between places as the crow flies

Challenge: I have two the latitude and longitude of two places. I want to know the distance between them, as the crow flies. This took a lot of trial and error, made more tricky by having to also accommodate two … Continue reading