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Yesterday, my friend Alan posed a problem. He wanted to count the number of rows that met criteria in two separate columns. He was frustrated that COUNTIF wouldn't allow him to do that. Since Excel 2007, there have been a … Continue reading

Alphabetical ranking

Today I faced the challenge of having to find the rank of a text string in a range of text strings. Or put another way, in what position would the entry sit alphabetically? The RANK function only works on numeric … Continue reading

F2: the most useful key in Excel

F2 is probably the most useful key in Excel. Below's a description of what it does. It toggles between Edit mode and Enter mode. If you're navigating across the spreadsheet, hit F2 when you've settled upon a cell, and the … Continue reading

Conditional minimums

A friend asked me the other day how to return the lowest positive value from a row of data in Excel. Given that there‚Äôs no MINIF function, at first I struggled. Then I re-phrased the question: how do you return … Continue reading