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Summary This is an oft forgotten function. Quite simply, it gets rid of unwanted spaces. It does so in the following ways. All leading spaces that appear at the start of the cell being trimmed are removed All trailing spaces … Continue reading


Summary Weekday is a very useful little function. Quite simply, it works out which day of the week a date represents. Given that dates are simply formatted numbers, it can be used against any cell that contains a number. But … Continue reading

Starting out with formulae in Excel

There are three posts you should read, in this order, if you're starting out with formulae in Excel. Formula fundamentals: this will give you some basic principles that will serve you well How to construct formulae in Excel: this will … Continue reading

How to construct formulae in Excel

Formulae are created by combining up to six types of object: operator condition value or reference range informational logic helper Each will be described in detail here. The subsequent formula descriptions will refer back to these, so it’s important that … Continue reading

Formula fundamentals

If you're new to formulae, or are keen to get your toes wet, here are a few tips to get you started. Every formula should start with an = sign. =A1+B2 =MAX($A:$A) Beyond basic arithmetic, every formula has a standard … Continue reading